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Work and Technology

Old Data Center

In the Beginning...
Data Centers were in their infancy when we first started creating websites. With Internet years equaling dog years (7 to 1), Scooter Designs would be over 100 years old! We started with one server in a home basement, using DSL.


New Data Center

We've come a long way. Scooter Designs many servers are now stacked in large racks within a state of the art data center. Each of our physical servers are running multiple Virtual Servers within them, thus maximizing the server space, resources and stability.



Our Servers...
Our custom built servers are equipped with obscene amounts of RAM and huge high-speed swappable drives. The data center provides multiple backbone connections with a 99.99% uptime and has 24/7 monitoring. Speed, Stability and Fantastic Up-Times are good things to have on your side.


Home Office...
This is where the magic happens! :)

The Scooter Designs office was painted black before black was cool :)  Seriously, the black walls enhance monitor viewing. There is a large Eizo professional graphics monitor built into the desk.

It's a great environment for both creativity and productivity. I love my job!



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