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Scott Nelson

Scooter Designs was founded in 1994 by Scott Nelson AKA "Scooter" and he has been producing unique and interesting websites for a vast number of clients ever since.

Scott has traveled extensively sharing his immense knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design and his no-nonsense approach to web development; taking the "voodoo rocket science" out of the web development, by sharing his list of solid fundamentals to build upon.

Scooter Designs Time

In April 2001 Scott formed a second company named EtechGlobal, LLC. with Donald Tornquist, a fellow programmer, and database expert.

The timing seemed right for an affordable, powerful content management system that was feature-packed and user friendly. Little did they know just how right the timing was until that fateful day in September when the United States was attacked. The economy slowed and many businesses were looking for a less expensive alternative to a custom programmed website.

While Scooter Designs still exists to handle client's special needs for custom programming, consulting and graphics, EtechGlobal continues to expand in both features and client base. In fact, this site is an EtechGlobal website!

For more information on EtechGlobal custom CMS sites, visit If you have more specific needs, please contact Scooter Designs for a free quote.


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