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OUR CLIENTS demand the highest standards of appearance and functionality. We focus on every project with the goal of fully addressing client needs while providing the most attractive and practical browsing experience possible. 


Scooter Designs Websites

Each site is well thought out from conception, with your input, as to what will be the best layout and look for you. Our flexible billing structure allows you to take over your site when ever you wish, or, Scooter Designs can act as "Webmaster" of your site, doing updates as needed.

If you already have an existing site that could use an update, we can re-design it for you, and give it a new fresh look. If you don't have a website at present, we can also suggest an Internet Service Provider, and get you started.

Once your site is up and running, we will submit the site for you with the major search engines, using your keywords, so the world will know you're there.

Content for your website can be submitted in any format and on any medium. We pride ourselves on our graphics work, producing graphics with good resolution and the lowest possible file size, for the fastest load times. Custom graphics and logo's can also be created.

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