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Old Scooter Designs Site

This is only the second rendition of this website! The original Scooter Designs site was created in 1994, back in the days of Netscape 1x and 600x480 screen resolutions.

It was left unchanged until 2010 as a testament to the longevity of good design. Seriously - it wasn't from laziness :)  Other than being kind of narrow, it remained visually clean and current. We're still using the original logo that was designed when PhotoShop was in it's infancy. Ahh... the good `ol days!


Bike Barn

Believe it or not, Scooter Designs started out of the back office of the Bike Barn, a bicycle shop in Sioux Falls, SD. Store owner Scott Nelson had obtained the domain name (domain names were FREE back then!) and built a website for his business using Windows Notepad and CorelDraw of all tools.

The first rendition was crude at best but he continued to renovate and update until a year later the site became a Yahoo® "Surfer's Pick" and several other businesses across the nation asked Scott (AKA Scooter) to design their sites, and a new business was born.

In the fall of 2000 Scott made the decision to sell the bicycle shop to pursue his new passion, web development, on a full time basis. This lead to another business venture with friend and fellow programmer Don Tornquist (Morrison CO) to provide affordable, powerful and flexible content management systems to those searching for a better alternative to the CMS systems of the day.

Today Scott divides his time between Scooter Designs (custom ColdFusion programming, consulting, hosting and graphic design) and EtechGlobal, LLC., e-commerce content management systems, a company he started in 2001. This website is running on the EtechGlobal platform.


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